The starting point of this excursion is the Tarantola Farmhouse. Just a few kilometres far from it is Mount Bonifato.

Following its slope by a four-wheel drive the route runs through a delightful landscape, dominated by the arboreal vegetation of the Oriented Nature Reserve Alcamo Wood. In the green countryside trod by ovines and caprines, the rope grass (ampelodesmos) grows.

The scenic road up to Mount Bonifato offers magnificent views, suspended between sea and sky, over the surrounding landscape.

It is worth pausing at the Belvedere to enjoy the spectacular natural view of the Gulf of Castellammare and of the rolling countryside dominated by olive trees and vineyards.

At the end of the road a pedestrian stretch leads to the ruins of Ventimiglia castle and to an interesting archaeological site.

In the district of Funtanazza, a medieval catchment basin, there is a necropolis with about fifty cavern tombs.

The ex-hotel la Funtanazza is home to the CELT, a centre of environmental education.

This trip includes a stop at a local winery and at the attractive Baglio Scalilla, estate of the noble family Zalapì in the past.

Not far from here the site of St. Nicola offers beautiful views of the lush vineyards.

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