The northern region of Alcamo has a delightful beach of fine sand beach, made all the more spectacular by the intense blue of the Tyrrhenian. The sandy hills of Calatubo are a starting point for attractive tracks which lead to Trappeto. A few metres further on are the castle ruins of Calatubo. The caste silhouette can be seen farther along the street. Interesting archaeological finds prove that the site has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The castle was the emporium of Val di Mazara, one of Sicily’s provinces under Muslim occupation. The Arabic fountain “Cuba delle rose” stands in the grounds of the castle. Recently restored, it provided a way of conveying water to the castle. The surrounding green landscape is dominated by rural buildings. This tour includes visits to various bagli, fortified farmhouses which later became the centre of latifundium. The Baglio Le vigne has an attractive ornamental garden of palms and citrus trees. The Baglio Chiarelli is also a farm holiday where guests can practise equestrian activities. The complex includes stalls and a small private chapel arranged around a central courtyard. At the back of the castle is the monumental Baglio Villa Fico which once was owned by the Baron Felice Pastore. It has been used as location for the Italian film “Il dolce e l’amaro” which won the special jury prize at the Venice Film Festival. Next to the Ba- glio Fico stands the Gothic Baglio della Marchesa which resembles a fortress thanks to its tower and corbelled crenellations.
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