This tour combines nature, agriculture and religion. A few kilometres from Alcamo, are two lonely sanctuaries dedicated to the Madonna (Santuario Madon- na del Ponte / Santuario Maria SS del Romitello). The first one is in the territory of Partinico; the second one in the territory of Borgetto. The Santuario M. SS del Romitello is famous for its natural spring and protected areas. From Partinico one can easily reach the large tracts of land devoted to citrus groves, the ancient village of Parrini and some towers, such as the Torre Solitano and the Torre Castrone. The small village has also ancient windmills and watermills. The tour through the Rocca Corvo and the Pizzo tre Frati is exciting. Here lies a natural spring, called Mirto. On the opposite side of Mount Cesarò (429/m) stands the Real Cantina Borbonica, built by order of Ferdinand III, King of Sicily. A little further on is Palazzo Ram one of the oldest fortified buildings in the village. The attractive Lake Poma on the Jato River is an ideal picnic spot.
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